September 18, 2014

Wedding Quilt

The wedding quilt! It is finished! The wedding was this past weekend, so just in the nick of time! PHEW.

I got it back from Laura the weekend before, and put the binding on the same evening just so my friends could pick it up from me whenever they had a free moment. I think it turned out really pretty, and I was so excited for them to see it finally! Fairly sure they had a moment of 'uhhh should we keep this?!' hahaha!

For the backing, we went with Carolyn Friedlander's crosshatch in grey. The initial idea was to go green because that's the groom's favourite colour. But in my mind, I'd always envisioned a grey because then it wouldn't distract from the front. I suggested it, my friends liked it... yay!

I was left to pick the quilting pattern on my own -- it's amazing how much trust my friends have in me because I practically picked everything except the pattern! I went with this swirly one (can't remember the name...) and I'm glad I did because it's not too girly and does a lovely job of softening all the sharp edges of the HSTs. Oh, so many HSTs. 400 to be exact!

I did a scrappy binding out of all the greens I'd used. I saved a strip from each and there were more than enough to make the binding, thankfully. I just love a scrappy binding, don't you??

Anyway we heard from the newlyweds several days after (we were all anxiously waiting for feedback lol!) and they LOVED it! YAY!!! I wish them lots of happiness, and many, many years of wedded bliss :)

September 13, 2014

T-Shirt Quilt WIP

A few months ago, the hub's colleague asked if I'd make her step-mum a t-shirt quilt out of her late father's tees. How could I say no? It's not my favourite thing to do, but they're not difficult to make at all, if you know what you're doing.

I got in touch with the step-mum and she picked the layout, fabrics etc, and I finally got round to putting it altogether.

I've got the top done already, but I can't find my large quilting needles so I have to wait till I can get my hands on some before I start quilting! 

I like to use a very sheer interfacing on the backs of the tees (Pellon 609F is my weapon of choice) because it's easy to use and it's super thin so it doesn't make the tee all bulky. The reason I bother with interfacing is that I like having the fabric stabilised so I can get everything cut and sewn accurately. Definitely worth the little bit of effort to make everything lay perfectly flat!

Also, if you're thinking of making one, I suggest you wash your tees without softener before doing anything because the interfacing doesn't adhere as well when there's fabric softener in the equation. 

See how nice and crisp it all is? :)

Going to think about how to quilt this... Hmmm...

September 10, 2014


I don't normally have plants in the house, mostly because when I do, it's a short countdown to their demise. I don't know what it is... I think I just forget they exist and don't water them. My petunias and marigolds outside are pretty much dust at this point. Oops.

But I was gifted an orchid plant a few weeks ago (clearly this person doesn't know me well!) and so far, it's alive! I only have to water it once a week, and I almost forgot this past weekend, but thankfully the hubs reminded me. I've since made a little note in my phone to remind me weekly. Ahem.

I really, really want to keep this alive because it's the national flower of Singapore, and every time I see it, I think of home. They mostly remind me of my maternal grandpa and paternal grandma because they both used to grow them. Although I believe my grandma still grows them in her garden.

Also, question... those clippy things... is there no alternative? They're not particularly pretty hehe

While we're in the dining room, we hung some plates. Because apparently we're those people now lol I had an Anthropologie gift card from Christmas that I hadn't used, and saw a few plates that caught my eye, so I thought why not!

That's what the buffet looks like... I reckon it needs a runner, don't you? :)

August 25, 2014

More Triangle Quilts!

I've made more triangle quilts for the shop! And there's even a new colourway :)

I haven't a name for it yet -- I've been trying to name it and no one can come up with anything that suits it. Also, I'm terrible at naming quilts. I keep thinking of something with 'candy' because that keeps popping into my head. But then I'm not sure I've ever eaten candy that was dark blue or that greenish yellow before lol Suggestions, anyone? Edited: I've decided on the name 'Rock Candy'. Thanks to everyone who suggested names though... don't be annoyed at me for not taking any of them on!

Something about these colours together makes me so happy. They're cheerful and fun, aren't they?? I play with the solids in my stash a lot, and one day I pulled these colours and just left them in stack on one of my tables. LOVE.

Kona Wasabi has become one of my favourites and I decided to piece the back for this one. I don't normally piece the backs of the triangle quilts for some reason, but I just really wanted to use Wasabi on the back and I thought I'd test the waters by toning it down with the grey.

As always, I used a black and white stripe for the binding, and stitched in the ditch in white on the front and grey on the back.

I love them all stacked like that... SO squishy!!

I've just listed Rock Candy (SOLD) along with Peachy Keen (with a grey back) and a Tango Mango in the shop :)

August 14, 2014

Artsy, With A Bit of Fartsy

Some randomness from around the house...

I saw all this neon yarn and had to have it... I was sitting on the floor in the living room playing with them and trying to be crafty. The hubs found me there and I'm pretty sure he's reevaluating his decision to make me his life partner now. Can't say that I blame the guy.

I made this. It's... Yup. I've no words. I blame Pinterest. It looks like a 5-year-old made it. No offence to 5-year-olds out there. I trimmed it at an angle and my bin looks like I gave a muppet a haircut.

I kind of want to buy a tapestry loom now and make some proper wall art that doesn't make me feel like it needs qualification for why it's even being displayed. Really wishing I was visiting home right now so I could attend this class. That's stupid... I'm sure there's classes near me. But come on! It's in Singapore! I wonder if my sister would go in my stead... She'd probably tell me to stick the entire loom in my... Oops, this took a wrong turn...

Framed art still leaned up against the wall in the living room. It's going on the walls of our bedroom and dining room but I haven't had the chance to do it quite yet.

Some of the frames we put up along the stairs. This was earlier in the week...

This is today. I can't leave things alone.... Clearly. I just thought it started way too high so I lowered the beginning frame. It looks a bit wonky right now but I've got something else going to the right of the picture of The Beast, above the Lisa Congdon print. Waiting on the handmade frame to arrive! :)

By the way, the hubs still hasn't a clue that I added another frame lol 

And the view when you're coming down the stairs.

If anyone's wondering, most of our prints are from Etsy and Society6. The latter is a bit of a mixed bag sometimes. The quality of the prints are good, but the condition in which your prints arrive is anyone's guess. The last parcel had one print with all its edges completely rippled even though it was in a tube. The parcel before that was slightly bent. And the one before that had a print missing. They replaced it, but it's just slightly irritating to have to wait almost two weeks for your prints only to have them arrive in questionable condition or not at all. I've got one more order coming and after that I think that might be it for a while or for good. We'll see.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything but my lovely long-armer friend Laura gave me some yummies from her garden the other day when she came to visit! Thanks Laura! :)


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