February 24, 2015

HSTs All Over The Place

I think I enjoy making HSTs a little too much. I pulled maaaaany DS fabrics from my stash (my never-ending stash), made HSTs and decided to just slap them together without too much thought. I like the random haphazard way the HSTs ended up :)

I quilted straight lines a 1/4" inch away from the ditch, bound it in one of my favourite orange prints with a guest appearance by a yellow floral heehee :) And the back is a darling navy print with pink and orange teeny flowers. I have so many yards of this because I love it so so so much. I'd be ashamed of my greed if it weren't so cute!

It's currently available for sale in my Etsy shop :)

February 15, 2015

Triangle Quilt: Avengers Edition

At the end of last year, I was asked if I could do a custom version of my Tango Mango quilt to fit the theme of a nursery. The Avengers. It'll be their first boy, so my client let her husband pick the theme... and therefore my mission to inject some cuteness in there! 

She sent me a picture of some prints they got for the nursery and it was a cute cartoon version of the characters, so from there, we changed a couple of colours. And TADA!!! It's so cute, right?

She's thrilled with how it turned out and so am I :)

The cutest part is... the baby's due date is my birthday!

I saw this a few weeks ago and it reminded me of this quilt lol!

Picture from here.

February 10, 2015

Another Picture, Another Pillow

I need to stop poking around Pinterest. Serious time suckage.

This time, I saw this picture (4th one down) and decided I needed to make that pillow because it'd look pretty on my cornflower blue armchair.

Insert heart eyes :)

The solids are a mix of probably Kona, Moda Bella and RJR... I'd tell you the names but since I pulled them out of a scrap pile, chances are very slim. The black is Alexander Henry Heath, that I know! I threw that one in for something a little different, and I find solid black can be very severe in my house.

Oh and just in case you'd like to know how we're doing with the blasted snow...

That's what the sliding door to the back deck looks like. Great, huh?

And this is the window in the library.

There's more coming in a few days. We're just thrilled beyond words.

A New Pillow For A New Chair

We bought a little chair from Ikea to put in a nook in our living room, and I thought it needed a pillow. By the way, I say little chair because it is wee. And by wee, I mean it was probably made with me in mind. It's 26" tall. The hubs looks absolutely ridiculous sitting in it hehe 

Anyhow, I'd gotten some pillow inserts from Crate & Barrel when we moved in. More than a year and a half ago. Whoopsies. Cobbler's children and what have you :) For some inexplicable reason, a couple of the down pillow inserts I got were 12" x 18". I don't know why. They somehow found their way into my house. I have no control over myself at that damn store, so I have no answers for you.

Some time last week, while wasting some time on Pinterest, I came across this picture of what I'm assuming is street art. The blog the picture is on calls them trees but I thought they were mountains hehe Whatever it is, I liked it enough to want to make it into a pillow!

I pulled out some scraps and did a mock-up, then pulled out some solids and sketch fabric, and set to work. And it's really the only thing to do when you look out the window and you see THIS...

Plus the hubs had taken my car to work so I was kind of stuck at home. I don't know why, but I don't fancy driving his car... Like wearing someone else's shoes...

I think it turned out pretty cute, don't you? I do realise this close up that I forgot to clip a few threads, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

I didn't quite know how to quilt this at first, so I decided simple was best. I stitched in the ditch around the trees / mountains, and skinny horizontal lines that got bigger as they went up. I put a hot pink dot on the back, which somehow got hidden in every damn photo I took! Just take my word for it that it's awesome :) Hee!

This is the little area on the right of the fireplace. There's an identical odd space on the left. I've got a quilt ladder coming in a couple of weeks that'll go in the corner to sort of finish it off and give me some storage solutions for all the quilts! The leaning frames will hopefully find homes on the walls... My sister asked me if I'm doing that cool leaning-the-frames-against-the-wall decor thing. No, it's just good, old-fashioned procrastination and laziness. They've been there for longer than I care to admit... I went on quite a print buying spree, then realised I don't know where to put them all and forced myself to stop!

And the chair (it's called Gagnet, if you're so inclined) is really quite adorable. It's a bit strange yet cute, so I had to have it. I'd seen it online and decided to go have a look at it in the store. We were slightly disappointed that it was so small but both of us fell in love with it and couldn't leave without it. It was super simple to put together (basically two screws)... Truth be told, it took far longer to remove the packaging!

You might be seeing more pillows because in addition to the second 12" x 18" pillow insert, I have four 16" x 16" ones. No reason. I just have them. Pretty sure there's a 20" x 20" one upstairs somewhere. Crate & Barrel is truly dangerous... and it's just down the street. Eek.

February 9, 2015


Once in a while I find a voice that just speaks to me. Hozier has one of those voices. 

I'm sure you know the song Take Me To Church (unless you live under some giant rock hehe) but that's not my favourite of his songs. Here are some other ones of Hozier's that I love... Enjoy :)


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